Post-Game Report 

Just back from the yard. I'm ofer two so far. Good thing I don't have more tix until April 20th or so. Giants lost but looked a hell of a lot better doing so. Lots of hard-hit balls that went right at San Diegans; Cain dominated except for two bad pitches.

Everything I want to say Grant says quite well here; I'll only add that Rich Aurilia looked great at the plate, laying off Chris Young's high fastballs (which Bochy in the pre-game show warned about; because Young is really tall, his 90-MPH high heat is as effective as a 93-94 MPH pitch).

And a question for you TV watchers: from the bleachers, the Taschner pitch that Gonzalez hit half way to Union City looked like a fastball above the strike zone, i.e., not a bad pitch necessarily. Was it? Or did The Special Agent groove it?


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