Post Game Report: 4/13/07 

As Dusty used to say, "Russell." If you didn't see or listen to the game, and all you know is the final line -- Giants win 8-5, Ortiz gives up all 5 in 8 and 2/3 IP -- please know this: Russ Ortiz was excellent. A little shaky through three, then he dominated. Dominated. And these Pirates are no pushovers. Bay, Sanchez, LaRoche: some damn fine hitters.

Bochy did a stalwart thing to try to get Ortiz the complete game, but, ach, 'twas not in the stars. It would have been his first complete game since 2004. It was his first win since August of 2005. Congratulations, Russ. Time to thank the Big Guy upstairs, and remember, no donuts to celebrate. Ah, yeah.

PODAG (Playa of da game): Duh. Runner-up: Barry Bonds, with two homers and four RBI.


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