Post-Game Report 4/10/07 

A win is a win is a win, except when it's pure luck: two runs, the difference between a win and a loss, thanks to an error, a lost fly ball, and a pitcher's brain cramp that made him throw to first instead of home on a comebacker. I'll take it.

I'm going to bed, but first, one more tidbit. I heard my first post-game wrap of the year and Krukow said that Bochy pitched an extra round of batting practice before the game. Feliz came up, and Bochy shouted out, "Situational hitting, no outs, man on second!" Feliz was expected to adjust his swing to move the runner over, "but he didn't know how," said Krukow.

So they showed him to use less body, throw the hands, and he finally got it.

He didn't know how to adjust his swing. In batting practice. After saying all winter he was working on going to the opposite field.

Player of the game: Kevin Correia. Two innings, four strikeouts. Gave up a homer, but it was a solo homer with a four-run lead and he was throwing strikes.


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