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P.M. UPDATE: It's from a story written by Rich Draper's understudy, but the following sentence, from Bruce Bochy regarding the home run Taschner gave up to Gonzalez, is the quote of the day for its simple sanity: "He'll learn from it. He's been throwing well, he just let that one pitch get away from him."

I like that it's OK that young players have room to learn on this team. This is a rebuilding year disguised as a pennant push. Perhaps I'm reading way too much into it, but Bochy's quote seems to acknowledge the dual nature of the season. I also like the fact that Bochy is willing to let relievers go multiple innings, let alone multiple batters. Hennessey last night was on his way to completing a second full inning when M. Giles grounded a single up the middle. Once that happened, bringing in Taschner to face B. Giles and Gonzalez was the right move, not just for the lefty-lefty matchups but because Taschner's move would likely keep M. Giles closer to the bag at first.

You know what the "0" in 0-2 stands for, my friends? 0ptimistic. If I weren't going off the grid this weekend, I'd even be looking forward to Russ Ortiz on Saturday.


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