In the comments to yesterday's post, BigMerv tipped us off to Frandsen's demotion. (First-time commenter brings the news! Atta babe, Merv.) Here's the official blurb. However, Sweeney has not yet been placed on the active roster, so perhaps there's more game afoot, Watson.

Until we know more, let's assume Frandsen has indeed been Fresnoed.

[P.M. UPDATE: According to a poster on this thread, Duane Kuiper hinted this morning on KNBR that Frandsen wouldn't be down on the farm long.]

Spur of the moment contest: a free beer to the first person who cleverly rewrites the Creedence tune "Lodi" to reflect Frandsen's situation. Start with the refrain, "Oh Lord, I'm stuck in a-Fresno again."

The kid needs at-bats, so all is not lost. Perhaps with daily work at shortstop he'll get good enough to replace Omar Vizquel next year.

Quick notes from last night: Noah Lowry's control is distressing. Four walks, only one strikeout. He's not fooling batters like he did his first year or so, and I think he knows it. The walks may be about confidence as much as mechanics.

I love Lowry like I love all lefties -- i.e. con dulzura y pasión -- but I fear the league may have caught onto his act, and he needs to make big adjustments to regain top form. He can probably be adequate for years to come, but we may again never see the Lowry we knew and loved in 2005.

Linden in right field: a signal to Randy Winn? I like it.

Player of the game: Dave Roberts. Two singles, two steals, one fantastic catch to save three runs.


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