Big Tall Man 

Tonight's starting pitcher for San Diego, Chris Young, is 6'10", 260 pounds. He big. I forgot about his height over the winter, as I had more important things to think about, and I also forgot just how good he was last year:

179 IP / 134 H / 69 BB / 164 K / 28 HR / 3.46 ERA /

Batters hit .206 against him and got on base less than 30% of the time. He good.

One more year like that, and the trade that brought Young, Adrian Gonzalez and Termell Sledge from Texas for Adam Eaton and Aki Otsuka will be the steal of the decade, except for...uh, never mind.

That Gonzalez trade chaps a lot of hide among Giants fans. He's just the thing the team has needed for years: a young gifted first baseman with increasing power. He's not yet 25, and he's already had a season to rival J.T. Snow's career years. Returns on the Niekro investment have fared about as well as a sub-prime mortgage, the Giants being the mortgage holder desperately trying to squeeze any type of remaining value from it, while the mortgage itself, i.e. Niekro...

Stop this metaphor. I want to get off.

Could the Giants have traded for Adrian Gonzalez? In his minor league career he was trade bait dangled by not one but two teams. Seems they could have put together a little something for him. Hindsight being what is, I say it's better to look for the next Adrian Gonzalez, because Waiting For Travis (Ishikawa) is the same endless one-act play we just sat through as Niekro progressed through the system.

I cain't wait for tonight. Cain you?


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