Sweeney on Waivers? 

According to SI.com's Jon Heyman, the Giants have placed Mark Sweeney on waivers. If spring rules follow regular-season rules, Sweeney is now exposed to all major-league teams. If none claim him, the Giants either keep him or release him outright into free agency and remain responsible for his '07 pay, minus the league minimum.

I haven't seen this news elsewhere. Waivers are not a publicly disclosed action, so let's take it with a grain of salt until we get confirmation.

Remember, if Sweeney is claimed, the Giants can pull him off the waiver wire. They don't have to let him go. They can also try to work a trade with the claiming team. It seems to me a team loses maneuverability when it places a player on waivers. Any strategical thoughts on why the Giants would do this?


P.M. UPDATE: Whaddya know? Bruce Jenkins has won five (5) awards from the U.S. Tennis Writers Association. That's totally awesome. Five! Congratulations, and may he also win one soon for unleashing full-blown baseball analysis. Because when Bruce lets loose, he gives a new meaning to analysis. He analyzes and analyzes, then he analyzes some more: Socks, game faces, batting average, gut feelings and dirty uniforms. They all go in the analysis blender and come out like one big nutritious smoothie of old-fashioned baseball common sense with a cheap bourbon chaser from one of those dives where sportswriters used to hang out but can't anymore because of all the damn yuppies. I hear there's a video game in the works, Bruce Jenkins: Analysis Unleashed III. Game, set, match...to Bruce Jenkins, ladies and gentlemen.

Speaking of curious, open-minded newspaper columnists, check this out. Unbelievable. Wait til guys like Jenkins and Shaughnessy find out about things like hybrid cars and microwaves. They're really going to -- how would people of their generation say it? -- freak out, man!

One last thing: here's today's Giant lineup. Might this also be the opening day lineup?

CF Roberts
SS Vizquel
LF Bonds
2B Durham
1B Klesko
3B Feliz
C Molina
RF Winn


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