Nor a Lender Be 

The Rangers are changing the name of their ballpark from "Ameriquest Field" (Ameriquest is a mortgage company) to yet another corporate moniker. Take a guess -- Pfizer Pfield? Halliburton Park? ExxonMobil Greens?

The answer is their own: "Rangers Ballpark in Arlington." It's the first case I can remember from this callow age of ubiquitous corporate sponsorship that a stadium has been renamed in the right direction. Will it stay that way, or is this a temporary switch to disassociate the team from a rather, shall we say, subprime partner?

Keep hope alive!

SMALL PRINT UPDATE: Now listening to Sonic Youth live last summer at the Roseland Theatre. Comes with Yngwie Malmsteen shout-out at no extra charge. (It's in the Intro.)


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