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The Matt Cain contract is 4 years, $9 million, plus a mysterious 5th year option that includes "escalators." For some reason whenever I hear that word in relation to baseball contracts I think of the shoes David Bowie wore in Ziggy Stardust. I know, those are "platforms." Talk to my neuropsychologist. Or perhaps my cognitive therapist. Or my pharmacist. Speaking of which, I'll be consulting these Pharmacists tonight.

Back to the contract: Other than the years and total dollars, we still don't know the details, including the year-over-year pay scale. Very frustrating.

I was way off with my 5 year, $26 M prediction, unless the option and escalators boosts the contract significantly. And it could -- Lowry's option is $6.25 million but bonuses could bump it to $7.75 M with the total value of the contract reaching $17 M. But it seems nearly impossible for Cain to earn what I had predicted.

Bottom line: This is a great deal. They're overpaying a bit for two more years in order to get a hell of a bargain through 2011. (Assuming Cain stays healthy, of course.)


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