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[Ed. Note: I've made a few changes to the following post. Thanks to A. Baggarly for the gentle corrections.]

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News [not Oakland Trib, though because of corporate ownership, his work appears there, too] has nailed down the details of the Matt Cain contract in today's report. The big picture: if Cain triggers the fifth-year option and all the escalators, he'll earn $17.75 million through 2011.

The breakdown:

2007: $400,000
2008: $700,000
2009: $2.65 million
2010: $4.25 million

* $1 million signing bonus, which I'll count as next year's salary [not this year's, as it's due to Cain in Jan. '08] on the chart to the right.
* 2011 club option for $6.25 million that vests if one of five conditions are met. The conditions are complicated; all but the final condition include Cy Young votes, and a DL stint due to arm injury at the end of 2010 would void the option unless Cain is that year's Cy Young winner or he throws full seasons in both '09 and '10.
* Escalators: the option can rise to as much as $8.15 million. He can add $200,000 to his pay in '09 and $400,000 in '10 if he makes 32 starts or pitches 210 innings.

Other notes: Baggarly also reports that Jonathan Sanchez continues to build up arm strength to start, not to relieve. He could begin the year in the AAA rotation. If so, I'd guess Jack Taschner has the inside track on coming north.


PM UPDATE: No surprise, but Todd Linden seems close to making the team as fourth outfielder. Bruce Bochy says as much here. He's been playing Linden in center field this spring, which could be bad news for Jason Ellison. The more comfortable Linden gets in center, the less need the Giants have for Ellison.


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