Zito Throws a Curve 

Barry Zito today threw off a mound for the first time as a Giant...and had a completely different pitching motion.

For those of you who don't see the big deal, this is like President Bush changing course in Iraq when everything is going so well.

No? I'll try again: this is like Tiger Woods completely breaking down his swing and rebuilding it after winning a zillion championships, which Tiger actually did, as the articles on the Web all note.

But this is more drastic. It's so drastic that I've italicized it. The difference here is that Zito risks serious injury from throwing himself out of whack; Tiger just risked losing skills. Despite his declining numbers the past couple years, one thing Zito has excelled at is health. And the Giants are expecting durability.

So from one Lefty Malo to another, Barry, I say this: I love love LOVE it. You are so weird. (Are you from Holland?) All that money, all those babes, and you want to go back to your college windup that, from the description, sounds like something Dizzy Dean broke off after a night out shooting Wild Turkey.

Hey, wait a second. Barry's not pulling a fast one, is he? He certainly is giving Rags the spilkes. If this is a prank, you're cracking me up, but dude, stop. You're trying to make this team fun again. Mark Sweeney already did that, and look where it got him: extra time to stare at Ryan Klesko's spit cup. If Bonds with a coconut brassiere doesn't help, nothing will.


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