Omar Vizquel wants a two-year contract extension. This is the final year of a three-year, $12.25 million deal. The Giants will pay him $1 million in 2008 and $750,000 in 2009, thanks to a deferred signing bonus.

The team des not have a bona fide shortstop prospect in the high minors, so signing Omar to a one- or two-year deal isn't going to block anyone's progress. Question of the day: if you were Brian Sabean, what would you do?

Before you answer, read this excerpt from Will Carroll's latest health report on Baseball Prospectus:

I was walking through the halls at Bristol (the same one you see in the Eli and Peyton Manning ads from last season) when a guy walked past me wearing a powder-blue suit with wide lapels. I mean, 70’s-tux powder blue. Big knot on his tie and actual spats on his shoes. It’s the type of sartorial ridiculousness reserved for sublime athletes. Yes, Vizquel may be the baseball version of Michael Irvin, at least as far as being a fashion plate.

OK, now you can answer.


P.M. UPDATE: Best t-shirts of the year, even better than my "How to fold a burrito" shirt.


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