Oh, Stop That! 

Busy today, but not too busy to giggle sophomorically at the possible captions for this.


P.M. UPDATE: Reports say the Yankees have reached a deal to send Randy Johnson back to Arizona. Good, I say. The Unit is in decline, just had back surgery, and the D-Backs are giving up Luis Vizcaino (a good young reliever), prospects Ross Ohlendorf (p), Alberto Gonzalez (ss), and perhaps a third prospect. It might make the D-Backs slightly better this year -- if Johnson stays healthy -- but it puts a dent in their farm system, which is their biggest weapon in the years ahead. Unfortunately, none of the prospects are among their top ten, according to BP's Kevin Goldstein. But think how fun it'll be to boo the Unit again. And in 2008, too: Arizona will reportedly sign him to a one-year contract extension.

Even better:

Rich Aurilia vs. Randy Johnson lifetime
41 AB / 3 HR / 4 BB / 13 K / .341 AVG / .400 OBP / .585 SLG


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