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Did you know that Baseball Prospectus has a radio show? Now you do. It's weekly, and it's also podcast. You can subscribe to it through iTunes and download it here. No, it's not all wonky statistics. The most recent was a relaxed, long-form interview with long-time sports commentator Chuck Wilson, whom I'd never heard before, and it was like sitting in on a barstool conversation between three curious, intelligent guys (Wilson and BP Radio's two hosts, Will Carroll and the other guy whose name I forget). It's the antidote to typical sports-talk radio.


Lee Panas of Tiger Tales has added defensive rankings for right fielders. Good news for the Giants: Randy Winn is fifth. Here's how the rest of the Giants stand:

Bonds LF (23rd)
Roberts CF (1st....among LFs)
Winn RF (5th)
Aurilesko 1B (n/a)
Durham 2B (25th)
Vizquel SS (3rd)
Feliz 3B (3rd)

For a discussion of defensive metrics and what Panas is up to, click here.


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