Zito Contract Details 

* If Zito pitches 600 innings over the last three years of the agreement, 400 innings over the last two or 200 in the final year of the deal, he can either exercise a player option or opt out of the contract.

It's an odd configuration. Zito's career high in innings is 231. His low is 214. But how often will he go well beyond 200 in his mid-30s? It's very hard to say; one comparable could be Tom Glavine, who has similar stuff and was similarly durable in his younger years. After his 30th birthday, Glavine's IP went like this: 235, 240, 229, 234, 241, 219. If Zito has a career anywhere near Glavine's, it will be money well-spent.

The way it's structured, Zito will have to pitch more than half the season in 2013; if he misses at least half his starts, he'd have to throw in the vicinity of 240-250 innings in 2011 and 2012 to trigger the option.

I can't believe I'm crunching innings-pitched numbers for the year 2013. Won't Matt Cain's DX4 Vectral Clone be on the mound by then?

* Full no-trade clause.


* As part of his agreement with the Giants, Zito will fund the construction of youth fields in the San Francisco area through his foundation and donate to his charity, "Strikeouts for Troops."

Warm and fuzzy.


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