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Happy New Year, everyone!

A couple weeks ago I asked you for your best guesses on the details of Barry Zito's upcoming contract. Here's what he's getting from the Giants:

7 years
$126 guaranteed
1 yr club option/$18 mil.
full no-trade clause

As Flavor Flav once said, "God damn, telegram!" I still haven't seen the year-by-year breakdown of salary, though news reports put his '07 paycheck at $10 million. Any other details out there?

No one nailed the exact numbers -- 7/126 or 8/137 -- but most guesses were in the ballpark. This is subjective, but it comes down to these two:

6 yr/$126 M
1 yr club option $23 M
full no-trade

Mark Raines
8 yr/$136 M
club option 2 yr/$34 M
no-trade first four years

Mark went overboard on the years and dollars -- if he hadn't added the option years, he'd be spot-on. Elliot came closer to nailing the structure of the contract, off by only one year and a few (million) dollars. Elliot also guessed the full no-trade clause.

In my original post I said guessing the right team was a tie-breaker, and Mark correctly guessed Giants, but Elliot still gets the nod with Mark a very strong second. Elliot: Send me (leftymalo at gmail dot com) your mailing address, and I'll send you the promised commemorative pin. Mark: if you can track me down at a ballgame, I'll buy you a beer. As always, once my season ticket group holds its annual draft in March, I'll post the games I'll likely attend this year.


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