Shea Ya! 

News today: Sean Casey is going back to Detroit, leaving the Giants one less option at first base. A good thing, I say. I like it when other teams move the sharp implements out of Brian Sabean's way before he slices off a thumb.

Next wish: someone else please sign Shea Hillenbrand. Hey, maybe the Blue Jays will take him back. Ha, ha, you say? Who in their right mind would suggest that?

How about this Toronto writer, who argues that the Jays' imminent signing of Frank Thomas could really....take a guess....yessiree, "hurt" the team.

You are buckled over from the cleverness, no?

Here's the kicker:

The Jays would have been better off going after a healthier right-handed hitter with extra-base power who could also play the corner infield spots and has a sense of baserunning that makes up for a lack of pure speed.

Someone like, hmm, Shea Hillenbrand.

Coming soon to a theater near you: A Sense of Baserunning, starring Shea Hillenbrand. It's the sequel to Relaxes With Animals.

(Thanks for the tip goes to FJM, which said Griffin's article was nearly the dumbest piece of baseball writing this year, but it's hard to be number-one when Bill Plaschke has access to a keyboard.)


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