Friday Festival of Fun 

The pool of available outfielders changed dramatically the past couple days. J.D. Drew became a former Dodger by opting out of the final three years of his contract, apparently thinking he can get better than $33 mil over the next three years on the open market.

And the Yankees traded the always charming and cheery Gary Sheffield to the Tigers for three very good pitching prospects. There were mumblings and fumblings about the Giants going after Sheff, but that probably would have cooked their chances at re-signing Barry Bonds. They used to love each other but now, if I may paraphrase the Axl of Evil, want to kill each other. And vice-versa.

As for Drew, blechh.

I prefer to make Separated at Birth jokes. Behold:

Signing J.D. Drew would be preferable to signing the rapidly declining Luis Gonzalez, who says he wants to stay in the N.L. West to take revenge upon the D-Backs by mercilessly heckling their ugly uniforms.

Not so fast, Gonzo!

"The more we researched the subject, got the opinions of fans and others, we became convinced that a color scheme built around a red tone and some of the sun colors made more sense than the purple and teal over the long run," Diamondbacks general partner Jeff Moorad said.

Over the long run, over the short run, anything makes more sense than purple and teal at any time, even if there were a nuclear holocaust, and purple and teal were the last remaining colors on Earth.

I love this part of the story:

Accomplished rap artist and businessman Master P was there along with Romeo and Young MC. "It think it's great colors, a great combination," Master P said. "This will be the uniforms that take them to the World Series."

Please note that the "Master" in "Master P" does not imply a mastery of English grammar.


Small print update: Welcome Chris and his new Giants-related blog, Bay City Ball.


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