Elbo: Keeping the home fries burning 

While Lefty paddles his new bride around the land of Phar Lap and The Clean, he's left me the keys to the kingdom. Unless something drastic happens in the next week or so, I'm going to save my opinions of Dave Roberts and David Weathers until he returns.

But just to keep things fresh, I'd like to pass along this link to the personal Web site of your new third-base coach, Tim Flannery.

I see that he is encouraging redistribution of his music by twice requesting that you "burn one for a friend." And the first time he windmills home a slow-footed backup catcher on a base hit to left, I'm going to wonder whether he's been burning one in the clubhouse. The cover art of his Secret World album gives pause, too. Can it be long before he's invited onstage with the Flying Other Brothers?

You won't have to wonder how Tim feels about baseball, agents, Felipe Alou and Pete Rose once you hear "The Baseball Song," though. (Third album down, free download.)

He does seem to like some good people: Gram Parsons, Gillian Welch, Rodney Crowell. (Hey, that's "Judas Kiss" by the great Roscoe Ambel!) And he's a reporter too. I think Lefty and Tim are going to like each other....


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