Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports this afternoon that the Mets are "discussing" a two-year contract with Moises Alou.

If any National League team signs Big Mo to a two-year contract, it will be the surest sign this winter of the coming apocalypse. One year, OK, but two? For a 40-year-old guy who couldn't save his creaky legs and back by DH'ing?

Rosenthal writes: The Indians believed they were close to signing Alou, according to a major-league source, until the Blue Jays awarded free-agent designated hitter Frank Thomas a two-year, $18 million contract with an option, reshaping the market. The Padres also have shown interest in Alou, as have the Giants.

That last bit, the Giants showing interest, is perhaps the best indication that Rosenthal's passing faulty intelligence up the stovepipe.

I would be shocked if Alou stays in the National League. This report sounds like Mo's agent is furiously recalibrating his pitch. I can just imagine Alou saw the Big Hurt contract and called his agent to ask why the $%#^#$^ he was about to have him sign with Cleveland for $4 million.

"Hey, Mo, baby, bubby, calm down. I'm on it. We're on it. We got you covered. Relax!"

"Relax? Pendejo, I almost go to Cleveland for Rich Aurilia money, and you want me to relax? How about I fire you, and then I relax?"

"Mo, hey, amigo, let me make a few calls and get back to you."


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