Tigers in Six 

Everyone's in a lather about Kenny Rogers's muddy hand, but BP's Derek Jacques takes issue with a body part from the other team:

When will someone stop Ronnie Belliard from doing that disturbing thing with his tongue, where he starts randomly licking the air around his face? The FCC gets all bent out of shape over Janet Jackson’s nipple, but this passes muster?

Now that Scott Rolen is starting to hit like he had a massive cortisone injection in his ailing shoulder, I revise my series prediction.

One last note on this busy day: The Phils have signed 43-year-old Jamie Moyer to a two-year contract extension. Price tag: $10.5 million. Earlier this year, Roy Oswalt got a five-year, $73 million extension. Oswalt's contract established a ceiling for this winter's negotiations with the top free-agent pitchers (Zito, Schmidt), but I'll bet Moyer's contract raises the floor a bit, especially for Schmidt, who has battled some health problems the past few years. If a 43-year-old can get two years, no way the 34-year-old (in January) Schmidt settles for two-plus-option or even three. Put your money down now: it'll take four years, maybe three plus an easy-to-reach option, to lock him up.

Oh yes: winner of the Conte Caption Contest is CTPinDC. I don't recognize that handle; long-time listener, first-time caller?


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