Such a Lot of Fools Trying to Anaesthetize the Way That You Feel 

No cable in the Malo household, so this first week of playoffs I've been dipping in and out of the radio broadcasts whenever possible. A few thoughts:

* Ted Robinson is much better than I remember him from his Giants days. He's not as shrill and eager to inject excitement into the game as he used to be. He's working the Twins-A's series with Steve Stone, who usually works for the Cubs. Stone is an excellent, insightful analyst.

* Buck Martinez, the color guy for the Yankees-Tigers series, sounds like he's got marbles in his mouth or a half-bottle of Robitussin in his belly. It's not what he says -- he's astute and thinks ahead strategically -- it's the way words roll out of his mouth. Maybe a mosquito bit his tongue and it's swollen. The play-by-play guy, whose name escapes me at the moment although Martinez seems to be calling him "Boogie," is bad. He's overly fond of baseball cliches and strings them together in embarrassing fashion: "After the quick hook the portsider comes in and gets the twin killing!"

* The regular Sunday night radio team Dan Shulman and Dave Campbell are on the Dodgers-Mets series, and they're very good. "Soup" Campbell isn't a top-notch analyst, but his low-key, deprecating, sneaky smart approach meshes well with Shulman. One of the best radio broadcasts I've ever heard was their work on the Sunday night game in September 2001 when Mike Mussina nearly no-hit the Red Sox in Fenway.

A few playoff thoughts:

* I'm neither an A's hater or lover. I have no regional affection for them, nor do I put creedence in the manufactured interleague rivalry with the Giants. They're a fun team to watch, and I'm a big admirer of Billy Beane. Hands-down, best GM move of the year: Frank Thomas. The Twins are cuddly and their biggest fan is a total hottie, exactly the kind of team everyone with a heart should cheer for, but I'm rooting A's this time. I'd like to see another A's-Yanks showdown and the A's in the Series, no matter how much crap A's fans will give us next year in the bleachers.

* If Albert Pujols is allowed to hit another home run in a key situation, Bruce Bochy should have his manager's license revoked.

* John Maine and Oliver Perez are starting for the Mets because of injuries. Jeff Weaver is starting for the Cards today because, um, well...I don't know. Let's see what the local press has to say: "La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan selected Weaver to pitch today, and a potential Game 5, because of better road numbers (4-1, 4.03) than Jeff Suppan (5-5, 5.36)." That should make Cardinal fans digest their lunches better.

* The first playoff game in Carlos Delgado's 13-year career, and he goes 4-for-5. Instead of trying to jack everything out, he takes a smooth opposite-field approach. That is one cool cat.

* Yankees fans give A-Rod a standing ovation to start the playoffs, as if nothing ever happened during the regular season. Biggest assholes in baseball. Except for this guy. And this guy. But no exception for this guy. I don't know if he's a Yankee fan, but I wouldn't be surprised.


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