Steve Lyons for Manager! 

That's one insufferable Fox broadcaster down, three more to go. Steve Lyons: hacking at slop nightly.

We can also rejoice that Lou Piniella is about to be hired by the Chicago Cubs, according to reports, for no other reason than we're spared listening to him on national baseball telecasts. Did the man say one interesting thing during the playoffs?

Another name bandied about for the Giants' position, Bob Brenly, doesn't seem to be leaving the Cubs' broadcast booth, so that leaves Ron Wotus as the last serious candidate standing from round one. But that doesn't mean Ron is the next Giant skipper.

Piniella to the Cubs means Joe Girardi, likely the NL Manager of the Year, will need a job. He did a decent job with a very young team in Florida that included several prize pitching phenoms. He's also a veteran of the Bronx Zoo, so he and Sabes will have something in common. Could he be a fit?

The A's third-base coach Ron Washington is often mentioned as prime managerial material, and his season just ended. Could he be on the Giants' interview list? A's players seem to adore him. I have no idea what his strategery skills are like, but he's considered an excellent teacher of young players.

However, "Wash" may be in line for the Oakland job. The Chron reports this morning that Ken Macha may be on the outs after being an insensitive jerk about players' injuries one too many times.

When Joe Kennedy and Rich Harden were on the disabled list, he referred to them as "non-entities." Asked if he was concerned about Bobby Crosby's back injury affecting the shortstop's future, Macha responded that he hoped Crosby is back next year and can play 150 games, "but if he can't, someone else will." And he raised eyebrows when asked how he felt about Mark Ellis' broken finger, which knocked the second baseman out of the playoffs, especially considering Ellis' tough injury history. "It's part of the game," Macha responded. "A lot of people get hurt."

If Macha steps down, would he be considered for the S.F. job? I can just imagine the conversation:

KM: "Bonds! How's the [air-quotes] 'knee problem'?"
BB: "Look, pal, the plasma TV's over there by my recliner. Just stick to repairs and don't ask questions."
KM: "I have to do the lineup."
BB: "You're not the Video Only technician? Do you have clearance for this quadrant of the clubhouse?"
KM: "The knee?"
BB: "I think I need the day off."
KM: "But..."
BB: "Big homestand coming up. 755, baby. I'm sure you'll figure something out."
KM: [walks away, muttering under breath] "Ooh, oww, my knee, it's so sore, I'm so old and tired!"
BB: [yells after him] "And tell Fred Lewis to get in here with my dry-cleaning!"

Speaking of Barry Lamar, some say the only other team that would have him is Detroit, given BLB's cozy relationship with Jim Leyland. But now that the Tigers have won the AL pennant and are odds-on favorites for the Series, why bother bringing Bonds into that mix? They won't desperately need the offense: All their main hitters are under contract or control next year.

Maybe, just maybe Arte Moreno, the free-spending Angels owner, will make a play for Bonds, but it looks like it's here or nowhere for him next year. Which means the new manager will need to handle a year of media-circus absurdities before he can breath easy in 2008.

Media absurdity? Isn't Steve Lyons available?


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