Somewhere, Jon Miller is Crying 

That's from the latest take-down of Joe Morgan over at Fire Joe Morgan, a site dedicated to exposing the blathering foibles of baseball commentators.

If you insist that Morgan is an insightful presence on ESPN's Sunday night broadcasts, please read this and get back to me.

Still not convinced? How about this, then?



The Giants have added seven call-ups to the active roster: Jonathan Sanchez, Brian Wilson, Justin Knoedler, Fred Lewis, Jason Ellison, Lance Niekro, and Scott Munter.

Quick thoughts: Ellison was unstoppable after his demotion to Fresno in mid-July, hitting .400 with decent gap power. Same with Niekro, who hit 14 home runs in just over a month. A statistical blip, or a sign of improvement? I'm not holding my breath for the latter. For the record, I think both could be decent MLB benchers, starting occasionally against LHP, but that's about it. Dreams of Ellison leading off and playing CF, or Niekro mashing it up as the regular first baseman, are strongly discouraged.

Watch Sanchez carefully. Sabean said recently he'll get some starts in September. If Felipe uses him out of the bullpen after they sent him back to AAA expressly to stretch his arm out, we'll all scream bloody murder.

Munter was a disaster with the big club early on, got demoted to AA, and didn't really fare much better. This may be his last chance to show the Giants he can be consistent. My guess is he's been called up only because he's already on the 40-man roster.

Lewis: The next Jason Ellison and Calvin Murray? He's about to turn 26, he's had a solid but not overwhelming year in the PCL (.276 / .375 / .453 / 18 for 26 in SB), especially given how strong a hitter's league it is, and his defense is supposed to be spotty.


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