Quote of the Weekend 

Coulda been a sweep...mmm, not really with the way Woody Williams pitched tonight. Those two runs were squeak-jobs, and Williams did strong work keeping other run-scoring opportunities off the board.

Still, I was hopping mad when Felipe let Morris stay in for the fifth and sixth innings when after four it was obvious the Padres had mistaken Morris for their lovable 60-year-old batting practice pitcher who just had hip replacement surgery and can't travel on road trips.

Sure enough, I wasn't the only one scratching the noggin. Someone asked Felipe, and Felipe responded:

"I never second-guess myself," Alou said when asked about it. "I let other people second-guess me. This guy is a tremendous starter, and you just don't pull a Matt Morris when you're down 4-0. You expect him to right himself like he did last time, like he's done all year."

Even though the Giants had two long-man pitchers in Wright and Hennessey rested and ready to go multiple innings. Even though the rest of the Giant bullpen pitched a relatively light four innings the previous two days and were about to have yet another day off. What could have been the end of Morris's night with a 4-0 deficit turned into a 6-0 deficit.

I make a point to praise Alou when he deserves it. Tonight ain't one of those nights.

Highlight of the game: Fred Lewis, pinch-hit single. Now 2-for-2. Will this man ever make a major-league out?


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