Jason Schmidt takes the mound in a few minutes to try to stop the Coor-o-sel from spinning. The best news of the day is the call-up of Patrick Misch, a.k.a. Lowry Lite, a soft-tossing lefty who has been lights out in two different stints at Double-A but until this year wasn't able to crack the code in Fresno.

His best attribute: very few walks. Only 82 BBs in the 331 innings he's pitched the past two years, compared to 248 Ks. A 3-to-1 K/BB ratio is good to have when you don't throw very hard.

In April 2005 Misch, who's ten months younger than Lowry, seemed on roughly the same career trajectory as Noah. (See this discussion.) I'm curious to see how he handles his first taste of the big leagues. Given the Giants' shorthandedness in the bullpen (Benitez out, Kline out 'til the weekend, everyone else dog-tired), we could see him today. He's projected as a middle reliever at best, but from most of the anecdotal reports I've heard, his stuff is very similar to Lowry's -- a little less fastball, better breaking stuff. Given that he just turned 25, I wouldn't count him out as a pleasant surprise for next year.


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