It's a Nice Day to Start Again 

Unless you're Francisco Liriano. The state of Minnesota is holding its breath.

It doesn't look good. "The last two pitches I threw, I felt a pop and it really hurts," Liriano said.

After this post, I'm sworn to radio silence for the rest of the week by my future commanding officer, Sgt. (First Class) Fanch Malo. I may try to sneak a clandestine message or two past her, just to let you all know I'm still alive. When I get home Sunday evening, I expect my wedding present from the Giants to be on my doorstep: a six-game win streak and counting.


Now reading Robert Kurson's Shadow Divers, a nonfiction account of the wreck divers who found a German U-boat sunk in 200-foot deep waters off the coast of New Jersey. It's harrowing, it's un-put-downable, and according to this guy, it's full of shit. I'm tempted to say as long as it's a great read I don't really care how much is exaggerated or distorted. Hell, I don't have any personal stake in the world of wreck diving and trophy hunting. But as we all know from current events, distortions and fictionalizations in the name of entertainment or political gain can do a disturbing disservice. So I'll read the second half with a slightly more jaundiced eye.


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