2007 Numbers 

There's been much banter and some confusion about next year's Giant payroll. To get it out of the comments and into the clear light of day, here is my best whack at who's signed for next year and how much they'll earn. Most of my data comes from Cot's Contracts, one hell of a site.

MIN = contract renewable at league minimum
ARB = eligible for arbitration
ARB? = possibly eligible for arbitration

Winn $5M (includes est. $1M signing bonus)
Linden MIN
Ellison ARB?

Vizquel $2.4M (not including possible signing bonus)
Sweeney $0.95M
Frandsen MIN
1B Niekro MIN

Matheny $4M (includes $1.5 M S.B.)
Alfonzo MIN
Knoedler MIN

Morris $9.5M
Lowry $1.115M
Cain MIN
Sanchez MIN
Hennessey ARB?
Correia ARB?

Benitez $7.6M
Worrell $2M
Chulk ARB?
Hennessey ARB?
Correia ARB?
Wilson MIN
Taschner MIN

M. Alou owed $1.5M deferred to 2007
Bonds $5 M deferred (at 3.5% interest) + 1M to Bonds Foundation if retired
Finley $1M buyout
Wright .3M buyout


TOTAL $ GUARANTEED: $40.7 M (8 players)


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