Tuesday is Win Day 

Not Wednesday, not Winn Day, not Prince "Fielder Eats Lots of" Spaghetti Day...Win Day! That's according to Mike Krukow in last night's (w)rap.

In fact I think he deemed it "Win At All Costs Day," which sounds like someone on the Giants is going to pass along Alfonso Soriano's hotel name and room number to a Mehdi Army kidnapping squad.

OK, poor taste. After all, we don't need to stoop to sectarian violence to promote our agenda. Unless they started it first.

It's enough that we've got rookie phenom Matt Cain taking the hill, and he's got stopper stuff. Except when he walks six batters in four innings and throws meatballs down the middle, which, thankfully, is happening a lot less often these days. Except in his last start. Against these same Washington Nationals.

And there you have it, folks. Your 2006 San Francisco Giants: A pretty darn good team except when they aren't, which is distressingly frequent.

In all the doom and gloom of the losing streak, this sunny little factoid may have slipped past you: Shea Hillenbrand, four game hitting streak.

Ha! Take that, Julio Lugo.

Speaking of which, let's head back to happier, juicier, more enhanced days for the Giants, and a long-awaited Lefty Malo Caption Contest:


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