Anyone who watched or listened to last night's game needs no explanation why it was likely the low point of the year. Fifteen hits, only three runs scored. Five double plays, with numerous misdeeds sprinkled about that made the double plays possible: Finley fails to bunt runners over, runners fail to advance on a wild pitch.

And lemme tell you something: If I see Matt Morris hang another two-strike curveball, I'm going to...uh...turn off the TV. Even David Flemming up in the radio booth could tell Morris was throwing way too many curves. Chad Tracy couldn't put a good swing on Morris's mediocre fastball, then gets a hit on the curveball. Lesson learned, no? No. Next at-bat, same thing.

You know things are bad when the beat reporter all but buries the team. Peep this, and be careful you don't hit your head on the low-hanging despair and frustration:

Instead of a birthday win, Morris got his 10th loss as the Giants fell to Arizona 5-3 in a game that once and for all should persuade the blindest loyalists that 2006 is a lost cause.

Right now, nothing is working for the Giants. If anyone on the team has the secret formula for success, he better speak now, before the team crashes through the doors of oblivion.


However...four games back! Four games back!


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