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Kevin Goldstein continues his droolfest over Giant first-round draft pick Tim Lincecum. Today he posts his prospect list of the top-twenty right handed starters. Lincecum, with less than 30 pro innings under his belt, is fifth.

Here's Goldstein practically wetting himself:

Lincecum is quickly becoming one of the hardest players to rank in all of minor league baseball. While it's only 26.2 innings, the raw statistics are ridiculous, and the stuff is as well; Lincecum has already touched 100 mph as a pro, and his curveball is among the best in the minors. The only issues here are some control problems in his past and his size--but at what point do we stop caring about the fact that the guy is 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds? He showed a rubber arm in college, never having injury problems despite some ridiculous pitch counts on Fridays and frequent relief appearances on Sundays. He's an aberration, and he's seemingly proven that what is normally a concern shouldn't be in this individual case. Yet, I put him fifth here--on stuff alone, he might deserve a ranking as high as No. 1.

I'd be ecstatic, too, but I quickly remember how so many Giant pitching prospects drew absolute raves: Jesse Foppert hits 100 MPH on the gun! Jerome Williams is so mature for his age! Then they reach the show and we're left scratching our heads.

I'm not saying Goldstein is wrong -- and I sure as hell hope he isn't -- but keep in mind he's getting this information from sources, and some of those sources could have a vested interest in boosting the profile of the players they're describing.

Still, I can't wait to see Lincecum pitch.


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