Mo' York 

Pedro Feliz is the Giant nominee for the Hank Aaron Award, given to the "best overall offensive performer" in each league.

Change that to "most overall offensive performer," and Pedro would be a lock. He has the worst stats of any nominee. The only one even remotely close is Arizona's Chad Tracy, with a slightly lower slugging percentage but much better OBP.

In other Giants' news, the team reportedly was close to trading Moises Alou to the Mets. Instead, New York bagged Shawn Green, the deal that's been rumored for days.

Now SI reports the Mets may still want to trade for Alou. If the Mets or any other contender desperate to upgrade wants to pay a good price for Mo, the Giants would be fools not to listen. Alou has played in 69 games this year; he'll be lucky to break 100. Get a decent prospect for him (the D-Backs got this guy for Green) and let Todd Linden have at it. (Great at-bat by Linden in tonight's game, by the way.)

Who else might want Mo? The Reds and Cards come to mind. A better fit would be an AL contender that could let Alou DH and preserve his legs. The Twins sure could use a boost on offense; Lew Ford and his .615 OPS was tonight's DH.

Losing Moises would leave the Giants more punchless down the stretch, but if the price is right, it's worth the short-term pain.


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