I'm On An Inside Track 

Quickie today: did anyone else see Felipe Alou's quote that he doesn't have "any doubts" that Brad Hennessey will be in the 2007 starting rotation? Quite a heap of praise from the old coot, I must say.

Reasons Felipe would say this:

1) He means it.
2) He's trying to shore up Hennessey's sensitive constitution. The more lovingkindness he feels, the better he pitches.
3) He's trying to help the Giants build Hennessey's trade value.
4) He knows he's not going to be back in '07, so he can say any damn thing he pleases. Tomorrow's proclamation: "Thanks to Omar Vizquel, everyone will be wearing orange pants next year. No doubt about it."

#3 would not be a bad idea. Hennessey's peripheral numbers do not suggest a long successful career as a starter. If he continues his hot streak through September, his trade value may never be higher. If the Giants can parlay him into, say, a young starting position player, bully for them.


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