Do The Hustle! 

Four games back! Four games back!

Best thing about today's game, besides breaking the losing streak, was the hustle. I was listening to the radio, so I can only go by accounts and descriptions provided by your...Giants...broadcasters..., but it seemed obvious that Steve Finley set the tone for the game in the bottom of the third.

Finley lined one into the left-centerfield alley and legged it into a double. With two outs, Moises grounded deep to third. When Zimmerman's throw to first was late (or wide), Finley kept on going and slid safely into home. Scoring from second on an infield single -- a rare occurrence usually reserved for the likes of Jose Reyes and Juan Pierre.

Finsky's wheels not only put the Giants ahead 2-1 but the momentum carried over into the next inning: Vizquel knocked home a run and he dashed into second for a double. Soon after that, Moises did the same, knocking home two and sliding headfirst into second.

I haven't heard the Mays Field crowd roar like that in weeks, until the reception Armando Benitez received in the ninth inning today. It was a different roar, but a roar nonetheless, one that conjured up visions of torches, pitchforks, and castles.

I half expected to hear someone in the crowd shout, "Citizens, do not be afraid, let not the Armonster escape!" and 30,000 bodies would pour onto the field, trample Felipe on his way back to the dugout, and hoist Benitez into the air. "Into the Cove with the Armonster! Drown him! See if he floats! Argggh! Argggh!"

Thankfully Sheriff Stanton arrived to quell the uprising. If the Giants lost that game, Armando and Felipe would have needed a police escort to get home.


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