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You know, Pedro, I love to see you walk. But even more, I love to see you go deep. Six taters in all last night for the Giants, who would probably be the best team in the majors if they could play all their road games in Houston and Arizona.

I'm curious what percentage of the Giants home runs come in extreme hitters' parks, and how that percentage compares to other NL teams. My suspicion: if it weren't for Houston and Cincinnati and Arizona (but not Coors Field, at least this year), the Giants would barely hit any homers at all. If I have time later today, I'll look this up, but if anyone else wants to beat me to it, feel free.

Quote of the day:

"If I had known he was that old, I would have taken him out earlier," said Alou, who insisted he thought Stanton was in his mid-30s.


Word from Minnesota is that Francisco Liriano's left arm hurts a lot. He pitched his worst game of the year last night and was nearly in tears afterwards. There's a discussion thread on the news here, and the ever-lovin' Bat-Girl has a link roundup as well as a lot of concern, as well she should. (Oops--it's actually Bat-Girl's sidekick filling in. Still.)

Here's a Giants-related tidbit about Liriano from the New York Times:

Before the Giants signed him at 17, he said, he had never pitched. “The Giants told me they would give me more money if I pitch, so I said I would,” Liriano said in Spanish in a telephone interview. “But they had never seen me pitch. I didn’t like it, but all I wanted to do was play. I wanted to make money for my family. I was young.”

For the sake of young pitchers, the good of the game, and Lefties Malos everywhere, here's hoping Liriano isn't badly hurt.


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