Bolshaya Chistka 

Comrades, you who have nothing to fear, step forward into the light. Your hearts are pure and your hands are clean.

The Great Purge has begun. First, Comrade Wright was sent to Siberia for re-education. Now comes news that Comrade Vizcaino, upon whom the Revolution had counted for wise counsel and veteran savvy, not to mention his clubhouse samovar, has defected to the bourgeois side, where he thumbs his nose at the proletariat by professing a love of the imperialist golf game. The heroic truth-tellers of Pravda inform us this is sadly true.

Who is next? Comrades, there is no need to ask yourselves this irrelevant question. Those who work hard and devote their sweat and blood to the Party will know the Party's devotion in return.


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