Behave While I'm Gone 

I'm out of town this weekend, and loyal readers know what happens when I leave town: the Giants make a significant move.

Like this one.

Or these.

Or this.

At this point, I'll pay my money to watch this team as-is. No Jon Liebers for the stretch run, please. I hope the only move the Giants make is north in the standings.

A sweep of the Dodgers puts them three back with 38 to play. What's more, the Giants play 21 of those against the NL West, and only three of them on the road. The Giants may be excruciatingly flawed, and they may not go far even if they reach the post-season, but isn't the prospect of a pennant race with a bunch of youngsters pitching in a lot more fun than playing out the string in the cellar?

Light weekend reading: Kevin Goldstein's BP article on the new Hawaii winter league, which includes a short history of baseball in Hawaii. (Subscription req'd.)


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