The Rain Song 

It's raining in Pittsburgh, a diluvean drench that mocks the Giants and their soggy bats, and it really can't get worse. Sure, the team has hit a bad stretch of luck, facing Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton on this road trip. Even the best slugging team would have trouble against these Hall of Famers.

So while I while away the weather, I thought I'd distract my worried mind with a wee wedge of verse.

There was an old man named Alou
Who professed to do all he could do,
"But with clutch hits so lacking
And our young arms sent packing --
Oh look, there's a dime in my shoe!"

I also loved this bit of stand-up comedy from Nationals GM Jim Bowden:

"It's difficult to give up Mike Stanton for several reasons," Bowden said. "No. 1, his influence in the clubhouse is special. His help in developing young relievers is remarkable, and he's just a class act. So from that perspective, it was really hard."

How that guy ever keeps a straight face, I can't say. What a cut-up!

Can I kill myself now?


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