Quote of the Day 

At first I thought the headline was from the Onion: Tomko excited about his new role in bullpen for Dodgers.

But it's true.

"We started talking about it the first week I got hurt," Tomko said. "I could have stayed in the rotation if I wanted to, but Grady actually left it up to me a few weeks ago to do this or not to. It was my decision. He thought it might be a good thing and that we might be onto something good -- me being a one-inning type of guy. So I said I'd give it a shot.

"They never put any pressure on me to do it," he added. "I told him I would do whatever they wanted me to do. But the game plan is to see how this goes. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, then I go back in the rotation. So with that presented to me, I chose to give it a try. And if it's something I'm really good at, then it might be something that sticks for a while."


Now that Accardo's gone, Hillenbrand and Chulk are on board, and Sabean is allegedly looking to boost the bullpen without trading anyone from the 25-man roster, who's the Giant most likely to be traded in the next four days? My guess: Jamie Wright.


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