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2:36pm PT: Trade Wrap

Best deal of the week: Rangers getting Carlos Lee. Not only did they upgrade from Mench to Lee, they acquired Brewers farmhand Nelson Cruz, a guy who could replace Lee if he walks this winter. Second best: Yankees getting Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle for four C-list prospects.

Best deal of the deadline: Mets getting R. Hernandez and Oliver Perez for Nady. Nady is good but has probably reached his peak. Hernandez fills the gaping hole left by Duaner Sanchez's injury, and Perez, well, he's all screwed up but he's 24 and heading toward Rick Petersen. Hernandez for now, Perez for later.

Big winners: The Yankees essentially upgraded from Chacon (ERA 7.00) to Cory Lidle and added Mr. 400+ OBP to their lineup, with Craig Wilson stocking the bench, for fungible prospects and a fat salary commitment to Abreu.

And what about the Giants? On one hand, they got nothing for their veterans. On the other hand, they didn't shovel the future down the coal chute by trading Jonathan Sanchez for Todd Walker. Seeing how the Nats couldn't trade Soriano, the O's couldn't trade Tejada, the Phils, Lieber or Burrell, the A's, Zito, etc etc, you have to believe Sabean wasn't getting anything close to market value for Schmidt. OK, fair enough. Not a good year to trade vets for prospects.

Despite my recent threats of self-harm, I'm content to see the Giants continue to lean on the starting pitchers, try to waken the slumbering bats, and figure out how to get Benitez's head right. Sanchez is back in the minors as a starter; we'll probably see him in a September call-up. Maybe for this homestand the Giants should try Brian Wilson in the closer role. Hey, it couldn't get any worse.


The trade deadline is in five hours. I'll keep a running tab of Giants-related items as best I can...

8am PT: Schmitty? Reports say he's back on the block, perhaps to the Mets. Conflicting reports whether the Mets are willing to part with Lastings Milledge. Milledge is 21 and already showing signs of getting his game together in a big way. He's no Miguel Cabrera, perhaps, but he doesn't seem to be Marlon Byrd, either. If Sabean can pry Milledge loose and a decent starting pitcher who would bolster the rotation immediately (Aaron Heilman?), I say yes.

9:30am PT: from Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus: The Dodgers remain buyers, discussing several deals and willing to get creative. One discussed deal for Miguel Tejada involved Rafael Furcal, but the discussions didn't get far, according to one team source. The Dodgers have resisted including prospects in most of their discussions. "They sound like the Braves," one team source told me. "Logan White knows his system so well that people are getting a little scared to deal with them. When's the last time you saw a Braves prospect pan out?"

That's a fascinating quote, especially if you reframe it to examine Brian Sabean's track record. After pawning off suspect Giants prospects for several years (Bump, Grilli, Rios, Vogelsong, Fontenot, etc.), it seems the rest of baseball caught up to him. Maybe similar things will happen to the Dodgers, and they'll find it hard to trade all these surefire prospects they've amassed.

1pm PT
: Get ready for a flurry of reports now that the deadline has passed and the last-minute faxes have been transmitted. As far as we know, the Giants haven't made any moves, and Will Carroll says Jason Schmidt is off the market.

The Mets' acquisition of Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez from the Pirates for Xavier Nady means Lastings Milledge will be brought up to play RF in New York, not traded for a pitcher.

Carroll also reports that Moises Alou was in play.

The Dodgers got Greg Maddux for Cesar Izturis. Given Maddux's ugly numbers the last two months, that may be the best move the Giants make. Also in the division, the Padres traded for Todd Walker. Yawn.


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