Linden Up Yourself... 

...and don't be no drag. Todd Linden is back in The Show, folks. He immediately gave me a warm fuzzy circa-2005 feeling by striking out on three pitches tonight. Jason Ellison is off the roster, perhaps to be traded, perhaps to be sent down to Fresno, perhaps to be claimed off waivers, which I believe others teams may do.

More small print updates: Now reading Rabbit Is Rich, part three of Updike's Rabbit cycle. Now listening to Massive Attack's Mezzanine (1998), which I dug out from the my dusty disused pile. It's been, what, at least six years since I put it on. I still love the big ugly bug on the cover, and it wasn't quite as dated as I expected. The pairing of the ethereal Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins fame) and the clanking industrial soundtrack was brilliant; the vocals on the other tracks range from pedestrian to clunky to annoying. Save for Fraser, the vocals on the album could be wiped clean, and you'd have the perfect musical gateway to the global age of techno-dystopian cool.


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