Add "I" to Trade and You Get Tirade 

I just saw this item:

The rumor mill says three National League West teams -- Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco -- are interested in veteran pitcher Greg Maddux. -- Daily Southtown

Now I've been around the block enough times to know that just because the Daily Southtown says it, it's not necessarily true. But still:


Have you driven a Maddux lately? It's not much better than a Wright, and probably not as good as a Hennessey.

I'm betting the crafty Sabes knows this, too, and he's just trying to make the Dodgers or Padres pay a super extra double premium for the last mediocre gasp of a Hall of Famer's twilight months. You old sly fox! You. Right? Brian?

Because the thought of the Giants adding Maddux and giving up Jona...urp...Brian Wil...excuse me while I run to the bathroom.

If the Giants make any trades between now and Monday, my bet -- OK, my desperate plea -- is at least part of the deal looks like a "sell." In other words, one of the valuable vets goes in return for younger and cheaper.

For example: Pedro Feliz. Or Steve Finley. I could even see Moises being traded if the Giants decide he's not going to be healthy enough to help much down the stretch, and that an AL team that doesn't mind surrendering decent prospects would do better using him as DH. (Twins, anyone?)

The most obvious "sell" move, as noted before, is Jamey Wright. If Corey Lidle and Jon Lieber have suitors lining up as if they were rich widows, certainly Wright will attract a few horny moths, eh? Get what you can for him, and we'll do well enough with either Hennessey or Correia as fifth starter and Matt Kinney brought up to be the mop man.

I'd even listen to offers for Jason Schmidt, if the offers including a young starter who'd slide into the rotation (Brandon McCarthy? Aaron Heilman?). Would two months of Heilman really be a downgrade? With such a small sample size, a young healthy guy might easily outpitch Schmidt, who hasn't dominated a game since the 16-K effort against Florida nearly two months ago.

If the Giants think "buy" and "sell," I think they could at least stay in the NL West race, not wave the white flag, and most important, keep the future intact.


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