That's the Way God Planned It 

Billy Preston passed away today at the early age of 59. His life was short but packed with beautiful notes, much like one of my favorite solos of all-time, his organ break on I Got The Blues.

In other news, the Giants picked Tim Lincecum, a short, hard-throwing college pitcher as their #1 draft selection today. I watched video clips of him, and he looks like he's throwing with maximum effort, similar to Tim Hudson, Roy Oswalt, and the Giants' most recent comparable, David Aardsma. Some scouts say short pitchers (i.e., 6-ft or less) are more injury-prone. I don't know if that's true, but guys like Hudson, Oswalt, Billy Wagner and Flash Gordon have shown that it doesn't have to be true. So if Lincecum indeed throws in the high 90s with a nasty curve and his arm never gets sore, why not take a chance?


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