La Gueule De Bois 

Sorry, not much to say today. I was out partying Nick Swisher-style last night and can barely move.

OK, not true. I never spend more than $150 a night on vodka.

Also, I'm much more domestic now that I'm old and can't hear a thing in those loud goddamn bars and clubs everyone's going to these days, with "DJs." What's wrong with a jukebox? No, it's boom boom boom, do it to your bitch 'til somebody dies*, drinks named somethingtini and women so skinny you want to give them $5 to buy themselves a burrito. Plus all that screaming and yelling just to have a conversation, spitting peanut bits on each other's faces. It's disgusting. I'd rather stay home and alphabetize my iTunes library, except it's alphabetized automatically.


But ask Steve Finsky: the domestic life is where it's at, according to today's Wall Street Journal:

"The property, about 25 miles north of San Diego, sits on just over four acres with five bedroom suites and seven baths. (Mr. Finley played for the San Diego Padres from 1995 to 1998.) He and his wife, Amy, had the 10,000-square-foot home built in 2003 on land they bought in 2000 for about $2 million, records show. Mrs. Finley, who owns and runs a furniture and interior-design firm in nearby Del Mar, designed the home with the help of local architect Larry Case in what the listing broker describes as an authentic Tuscan Farmhouse style.

The two-story home includes antique terra-cotta floors and a one-bedroom detached guest house. The couple is building a new home nearby, according to their listing broker, Laura Barry, of Barry Estates Inc., in Rancho Santa Fe."

By the way, Steve's a Democrat. Or maybe just his wife. But they threw a fundraiser last year for this woman (scroll to bottom of page).

Steve's an insanely fit Democrat, and Nick Swisher is a hungover Republican (probably). The Giants will take two of three this weekend.

* Shamelessly stolen from the 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000.


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