Caption Contest #4, or maybe #5 

With so much to talk about -- Jason Grimsley's rat-tales, Pujols' trainer, Barry and Albert's obliques, other key injuries and the trade rumors heating up -- I'm afraid I actually have to do my day job today. (Sheesh.) But I leave you with the quote of the week, from Baseball Prospectus's Christina Kahrl on the good news of Moises Alou's return:

That's the nature of having an old outfield: best to have four sets of hands, because aging threesomes might leave somebody unsatisfied.

And for your frothy entertainment, I present this month's caption contest:


MORE FUN STUFF AFTERNOON UPDATE: Tip of the hat to Fire Joe Morgan for pointing out Tommy Lasorda's blog entry about his favorite restaurants in each major league city. His only SF entry: Fior d'Italia. Tommy says he's eaten enough pasta at one place in Chicago to fill an entire train. In the past I didn't want to call him "Fat Pasta Ass" for fear of upsetting ethnically sensitive readers, but now I think it's not just warranted, it's anatomically correct.


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