Stupid Stupid Stupid 

The macho unwritten laws of baseball kicked the Giants in the cojones tonight. As an honored guest of the A-B in prime foul-ball territory up from the Giant dugout, I groaned when Jamie Wright plunked Brian Giles in the back to start the 4th inning.

It was just half an inning after Barry Bonds was hit in the hand by a Jake Peavy fastball -- so obviously retaliation. You hit our big boy, we hit yours.

Problem is, the Giants only had a 1-0 lead, and Giles was the leadoff hitter. And Wright has a history of suddenly losing his groove. Sure enough: groove lost. A couple walks, a couple hits, and a Pedro Feliz error later, it was turn out the lights, the party's over, especially with Peavy on the mound.

Whether Wright was ordered to bean Giles or it was his own idea, it was plain stupid. Isn't the best revenge shutting the other team down? Instead, it gave the punchless Padres a nice little ass-fire, and they started slapping the ball all over the place.

Two walks and an error didn't hurt, either. Hey, if Pedro can't contribute with the bat, at least he's playing Gold Glove def...ur...uh. Gone by June 1? Any takers?

Leave it to men to get all stupidly aggressive when they should keep their cool. Enough with the testosterone! If this were A League of Their Own, this whole retalitory beanball thing would never have happened, and the Giants would have won a clean, sportwomanlike, cooperative 2-1 pitchers' duel. And their tuschies would have been nicer to look at.

I blame Greg Anderson.

On the bright side: Don't call me Mike Mendoza!

M Matheny C 4 0 3 0 .203


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