The Morning After 

Sleeping six hours with a sick bedmate beside is no recipe for sound slumber. Even worse, the monkeys in my baseball mind played tricks with my dreams; yesterday's game with its hullabaloo and near-heartbreak insinuated itself deep into my synapses.

Congrats, Barry Bonds, for hitting That Home Run. Now get The Next One over with so the camera crews can go home -- well, all except the one you've agreed to let follow you around all year.

Nicest moment of the game: Bonds planting a kiss on his teenage son's cheek as he stepped on home plate. How refreshingly un-macho is that? And how many teenage boys would allow their parents to kiss them in public, let alone on national television? Maybe Nikolai is more well-adjusted than we imagine.

The not-nicest moment of the game: Armando Benitez walking in from the bullpen to play chuck-n-duck with the bottom of the A's lineup. I don't fault Alou for replacing Schmidt. I don't fault him for bringing in Benitez. But the man has no off-speed pitch. Gotta get that right, Mando.

He gave up the tying run and I still call it the luckiest performance of the year. He looked good against one batter, Nick Swisher, painting the outside corner with fastballs. Everyone else had good swings against hanging sliders or fastballs they knew were coming. The Giants won the game on pure luck -- a line drive that G_d steered into Pedro Feliz's glove.

Still, the fact Mando was throwing 93-94 MPH according to the Fox radar was encouraging, a step in the right direction from the 88-90 MPH he's been featuring since he came to the Giants. Now, if Benitez can regain his split and slider...if if if.

No wonder I dreamt last night that the Giants traded Matt Morris for Jae Seo and Kaz Matsui. I'm not sure how Sabean pulled that off; Morris went to the Mets, but my dream did not reveal whom the Mets sent to the Dodgers.

Just curious: would you actually make this trade if you could?


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