It's No Secret 

Let's listen as Doug Davis explains how he shut out the Giants for six innings today: "They're a free-swinging team and I just put the ball around the plate and they put the ball in play."

Not much more to say. Don't give them anything too good, and they'll get themselves out. Pedro Feliz had an at-bat today that should be buried six feet under and marked with a headstone that reads "Here Lie Your San Francisco Giants 2003-2006 R.I.P."

Alou on first, no outs, Giants down by three. Davis doesn't come close to the strike zone with four pitches, Pedro fouls one of them back, and sits on a 3-1 count. Next pitch, change-up down and away, probably not a strike, and Pedro tries to pull it, resulting in a ground ball to third base. It would have been a double play if Koskie hadn't nearly thrown the ball away. Slop hacker.

There is no reason to throw this man, or Lance Niekro for that matter, a fastball near the middle of the plate, let alone a strike.


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