Fuck You Ken Lay 

I like to think the Giants' amazing success at the former Enron (i.e., Ten-Run) Field in Houston -- they're now 18-5 there since it opened -- is some sort of karmic payback for Enron's wholesale reaming of thousands of Houstonians, not to mention all the Californians cheated out of millions of dollars during the "energy crisis," but like many things we tell ourselves to make the world seem just and fair and cathartic, my karmic theory makes no sense when you stop to think about it for more than 1.5 seconds.

More likely, it's karmic payback for all the shitty baseball the city of Houston gave the world for years, in a sterile dome with a concrete floor papered over with a plastic grass that in its heyday spread faster than kudzu and no doubt shortened the careers of many a fine athlete.

Still, it's nice to imagine Pedro Feliz hitting Jeff Skilling's sweaty little head off a tee and into the mesh of the foul pole for a grand slam.


Small print update:

Now listening to Neko Case's Blacklisted, a more somber, tumbleweedy spin through her alt-country goddessheadness. I love that woman. Bow down before her at Bimbo's in June. Blacklisted is far more "Paris Texas" and Peggy Lee than the expansive, lush Furnace Room Lullaby, one of my all-time favorites. In fact, Furnace Room and Twin Cinema, by Neko and her clever rock and roll friends the New Pornographers could sustain me a long long while on a desert isle.

But I'm liking Blacklisted, too. After three listens, I imagine it as the soundtrack to Marta Becket's one-woman performance at the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction.



The Baseball Prospectus minor-league guy Kevin Goldstein published today his roundup of the NL West farm systems. His quick take on the Giant minors:

1) Fred Lewis is getting on base even when slumping. He could make his big-league debut this year.

2) The promising hitters at Connecticut are in a power slump. Jonathan Sanchez is throwing smack.

3) Marcus Sanders is flailing at San Jose. USF grad and recent pitching convert Nick Pereira isn't. The rest of the low minors don't have much to recommend.


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