The Cardinals' Number 

First of all, I'd like to say Zip-a-dee-do-dah! My oh my, what a wonderful game. In the bottom of the eighth I was jumping up and down in the kitchen with my three Giants hats stacked upon my head, sort of a Dr. Seuss-flavored rally cap ensemble that had my lovely fiancee wondering what the hell she's getting into.

My favorite moment of the game came in the bottom of the third, when Big Barry played small ball to perfection. With Omar on third after an infield single, a daring dash to second after a mini-wild pitch, and a Feliz grounder up the middle, Barry only needed a ground ball out to drive in a run. And he produced one. A home run would have been better, but he's not hitting many these days.

I appreciate him just as much when he does other things to help the Giants win -- getting on base twice a game like clockwork, for instance. Boo all you want, but lots of walks are a good thing.

There's an odd comedic meme I've seen on discussion threads. The formula works by adding two simple, perhaps even simpleton sentences back to back like this: "I like [INSERT PERSON HERE]. He [DOES A CERTAIN THING]." It must have come from some cultural touchstone -- Seinfeld, a movie, a Simpsons episode -- that I've never seen, because everyone seems to know it. With no comedy intended, here's my version:

I like Barry Bonds. He helps the Giants win baseball games.

Please note it's not "he hits lots of home runs," or "he's such an awesome superstar," or "He cooks a mean tuna casserole."

If Barry goes the rest of the season without a home run but gets on base with regularity, and the Giants win, #715 can go pound sod. If he hits 30 more to start sniffing #755 but the Giants fall from contention, I'll find the media circus excruciating (like I don't already?) and agitate for Dan Ortmeier on a semi-regular basis.

Steve Goldman, who blogs about the Yankees with flair, wit, subtlety and other words rarely associated with the Yankees, has a great piece on Bonds-Ruth in yesterday's Baseball Prospectus.

Tonight: The Giants try to make Jason Marquis look not so grand. I bring my glove to the 1-3-8 to do my best Tyler Snyder impression, except for the punk-ass hate. Look closely at that photo I just linked to, by the way -- there's a white-haired guy in a black visor sitting behind Snyder. He's also a Mays Field bleacher regular, part of the notorious "Bunny Ears" crew, I believe.


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